Our Products

Oral Tinctures

We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical grade Oral Tinctures that vary in size and strength. All of our tinctures are formulated with 99.9% Canabidiol that is lab certified for accuracy and potency. 

Hemp Capsules

Our organic CBD capsules are available in various strengths to accommodate a range of needs. Whether you need to treat a chronic condition or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have the product to accommodate you. 

CBD Gummies

Our Hemp CBD gummies are an easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. They can be used for a daily maintenance dose, or seizure maintenance. 

CBD Balm and Salve

PCX Hemp Balm and Salve are two products designed to reduce pain when applied topically. The Balm should be used topically on areas with pain and the Salve should be used on wounds or rashes to promote healing. 


We carry a variety of CBD vape products including CBD E-liquid and an E-liquid additive in various strengths. We also carry pre-filled CBD pen cartridges. 

CBD for Beauty

We carry a variety of CBD infused beauty products. Our line includes an Eye Cream, Serum, Lip Balm, Hemp/Sea Salt Scrub, Hemp Massage Oil, and a Beard Oil. 

CBD for Pets

We carry CBD pet products such as Sprays, Oils, and Equine Pellets. All of our pet products are designed to help with anxiety, stress, joint pain, and more. 


This CBD is available in a wax form. This makes it easy to be used in various manners, including dabs. 

CBD Detox

A specific combination of items that are specially designed to treat those who have serious illnesses such as cancer. This combination of CBD products has been formulated by a team of specialists for maximum effectiveness. 

Quantum CBD H2O

Our water has the perfect pH, which is not only good for your body overall, it is the ideal pH for your body to absorb CBD. It is also very good for muscle recovery and pain as well as being a neuroprotectant!